Issuance of U.S. Patent Number 9,332,624 to RAPISCAN SYSTEMS, INC.
03 May, 2016

On May 03, 2016 , the USPTO issued U.S. Patent Number 9,332,624 to RAPISCAN SYSTEMS, INC.which was successfully prosecuted by Novel IP.

The '624 patent  is directed towards  a gantry scanner system comprises a radiation source, a plurality of detectors and a support frame supporting the detectors. The support frame includes an elongate support member arranged to support the detectors, cable support means arranged to support power cables or signal cables connected to the detectors, and cover means arranged to cover the support member, the cable support means and the detectors.

Independent Claim 1 describes " A gantry scanner system comprising a first housing; a radiation source positioned in the first housing; and a support frame attached to the first housing, wherein the support frame comprises a first vertical section extending up from the first housing; a first horizontal section attached to the first vertical section and extending outward therefrom; and a second vertical section attached to the first horizontal section and extending downward therefrom, wherein at least one of the first horizontal section and second vertical section comprises a girder having an H-shaped cross section defined by a central horizontal member and two vertical side members, an outer skin comprising two sides, wherein each of said two sides is generally rounded and configured to cover one of said two vertical side members, a support structure positioned in a first cavity defined on each side by the central horizontal member and the two vertical side members, and a detector attached to the support structure, wherein the detector is separated from the central horizontal member by a space. "