On June 2, 2015, the USPTO issued U.S. Patent Number 9,046,465 to Rapiscan Systems, Inc., which was successfully prosecuted by Novel IP.
02 Jun, 2015

The '147 patent is directed towards a computed tomography system having non-rotating X-ray sources that are programmed to optimize the source firing pattern. In one embodiment, the CT system is a fast cone-beam CT scanner which uses a fixed ring of multiple sources and fixed rings of detectors in an offset geometry. It should be appreciated that the source firing pattern is effectuated by a controller, which implements methods to determine a source firing pattern that are adapted to geometries where the X-ray sources and detector geometry are offset.

Independent Claim 1 describes “an X-ray imaging apparatus for obtaining a radiation image of an object having a length, comprising: a plurality of X-ray tubes arranged in a first ring around the object, each X-ray tube comprising a predefined number of X-ray sources, each X-ray source being equally spaced from an adjacent source, each X-ray source emitting X-rays during a predefined emission period; and a controller configured to cause each of said X-ray sources to emit X-rays in accordance with a firing pattern, wherein said firing pattern causes a substantially even distribution of X-rays from the X-ray sources over a surface of a virtual cylinder, having a length, wherein the virtual cylinder is positioned around the object and the length of the virtual cylinder is equal to or greater than the length of the object.”