On October 6, 2015 , the USPTO issued U.S. Patent Number 9,152,765 to Spacelabs Healthcare, which was successfully prosecuted by Novel IP.
06 Oct, 2015

The '765 patent is directed towards a patient monitoring system that uses a multitude of display regions, at least two of which have the capability to simultaneously display real time patient waveforms and vital statistics as well as provide display for local and remote software applications. In one example, a primary display shows real time patient waveforms and vital statistics while a customizable secondary display shows trends, cumulative data, laboratory and radiology reports, protocols, and similar clinical information. Additionally, the secondary display can launch local and remote applications such as entertainment software, Internet and email programs, patient education software, and video conferencing applications. The dual display allows caregivers to simultaneously view real time patient vitals and aggregated data or therapy protocols, thereby increasing hospital personnel efficiency and improving treatment, while not compromising the display of critical alarms or other data.

Independent Claim 1 describes "a  patient monitoring system, comprising: a display screen connected to a plurality of physiological parameter measuring devices, said display screen comprising a first region for displaying real time physiological parameter data and a second region separate from said first region; a database comprising a memory for storing patient data; and a controller programmed to generate a response to a critical event, said event comprising a physiological parameter exceeding or falling below a predetermined range of values, wherein said response comprises retrieving a recommended treatment protocol for the patient from said database to address the critical event and displaying said protocol on the second region of the display.”