On November 3, 2015 , the USPTO issued U.S. Patent Number 9,178,092 to OSI Optoelectronics, Inc., which was successfully prosecuted by Novel IP.
03 Nov, 2015

The '092 patent is directed towards a photodiode detector array for use in computerized tomography (CT) and non-CT applications. The application describes high-density photodiode arrays, with low dark current, low capacitance, high signal to noise ratio, high speed, and low crosstalk that can be fabricated on relatively large substrate wafers. The photodiode arrays are fabricated such that the PN-junctions are located on both the front side and back side surfaces of the array, where the front side PN-junction is in electrical communication with the back side PN-junction. The photodiode array having PN-junctions are electrically connected from the front to back surfaces and can be operated in a fully depleted mode at low reverse bias.

Independent Claim 1 describes "a method of detecting light comprising: obtaining a photodiode array comprising a plurality of photodiodes, wherein each photodiode comprises: a substrate with at least a front side and a back side; at least one PN junction on the front side; at least one PN junction on the back side; and at least one conduit for forming an electrical connection from a PN junction on the front side of the substrate to a PN junction on the back side of the substrate, wherein each photodiode in said photodiode array comprises a front side region within said front side of the substrate, wherein said front side region comprises the at least one PN-junction, wherein said at least one PN-junction comprises a first doped region of a first conductivity type, wherein said front side region comprises a second doped region of a second conductivity type, wherein said first doped region and second doped region are physically separated by a portion of said substrate, and wherein said first conductivity type is different than said second conductivity type; positioning said photodiode array such that the front side of each photodiode substrate is configured toward said light; and connecting an external circuit to wire interconnections on a back side of the photodiode array.”