On December 1, 2015 , the USPTO issued U.S. Patent Number 9,201,036 to Fresenius Medical North America, Inc., which was successfully prosecuted by Novel IP.
01 Dec, 2015

The '036 patent is directed towards methods and systems for monitoring fluid levels and electrolyte levels used in a dialysis machine. A receptacle, configured to receive a container, comprises a plurality of curved side panels and a base to form a cylindrical shaped cavity for receiving a container. Each panel includes a conductive material on its inner surface and, optionally, a shielding on its outer surface. An electronics component housed within, or near, the receptacle drives the capacitive process and interprets generated data to determine fluid levels and compositions. An alternate receptacle includes one or two coils wrapped about the container and uses induction to determine fluid level.

Independent Claim 1 describes "a system for monitoring electrolytes in a fluid used in a dialysis machine, comprising: a. a receptacle configured to receive a container, wherein said receptacle comprises an even numbered plurality of panels arranged in a pattern atop a base, wherein each of said panels comprises a concave inner surface facing said container and an outer surface opposite said inner surface, wherein each of said panels has a conductive material on its inner surface, and wherein each panel is electrically isolated from each other panel; and b. a circuit in electrical communication with at least one of said plurality of panels; wherein said circuit is configured to drive a capacitive process to generate characteristic data of said electrolytes."