Issuance of U.S. Patent Number 8956292 to SPACELABS HEALTHCARE, LLC.
17 Feb, 2015

On February 17, 2015 , the USPTO issued U.S. Patent Number 8956292 to SPACELABS HEALTHCARE, LLC., which was successfully prosecuted by Novel IP.

The '292 patent  is directed towards the present invention which is a novel method of generating and representing the status of various physiological parameters that are monitored for patients during hospitalization. The system of present invention allows healthcare providers to easily view, at a glance, the status or trend of a patient or a plurality of patients as well as any changes in the parameter values.

Independent Claim 1 describes "a system for monitoring a plurality of physiological parameters of an individual using a plurality of physiological sensors, comprising: (a) a processor in data communication with a memory, wherein said memory stores physiological parameter data obtained from the plurality of sensors and wherein the processor executes a plurality of instructions to generate an interactive user interface based upon said physiological parameter data, said interactive user interface comprising: 1. a first region having a plurality of icons, wherein each icon graphically represents a selectable graphical user interface view; 2. a second region having a first interface and a second interface, wherein the first interface comprises a customizable table of measured values of physiological parameters presented in accordance with a time of measurement and wherein the second interface has a customizable graph of the measured values of physiological parameters presented in accordance with the time of measurement, wherein the first and second interfaces are displayed alternatively and not concurrently, and wherein the measured values of physiological parameters include heart rate, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2), and body temperature; 3. a third region having at least one interface, wherein the at least one interface comprises a customizable graph of at least one measured value of at least one physiological parameter; 4. a fourth region comprising a horizontally disposed timebar that defines said time of measurement and that, when slid horizontally, customizes the time period for display, wherein said interactive user interface displays each of said first, second, third, and fourth regions concurrently; and (b) a display unit coupled to said processor for visually displaying said user interface in accordance with the executed plurality of instructions".